Information Security Training & Certification- A Definitive Must!

Today, the information security field is not just about technology, it is about people and protecting information wherever it is while still being able to share that information with clients, partners and customers. Considering the security challenges organizations are facing today, more and more employers are emphasizing the need to hire qualified and certified security professionals since employees play an integral role in protecting the assets of any organization, and as such, need to be adequately trained to ensure they possess adequate knowledge in broad security areas and disciplines and demonstrate industry standards and best practices to effectively work and deliver in a given job role and function. Also, competition from active and passive job seekers and increased security awareness among candidates have driven them to seek certifications which add to their existing skill set and help distinguish themselves in the market place. Another important factor leading to the growth of certification and training is the globalization of many industries, with security management clearly prominent among them. Skill sets need to be transportable and need to carry the same meaning in all parts of the world thereby creating a global standard for a particular role and function.

Recently Steve Katz former CISO of Citigroup told a group of government and industry leaders that he feels that the greatest threat to information security is a lack of people with technical security skills. Stephen NorthCutt, CEO of SANS INSTITUTE responded to this statement saying "we are a point and click generation at this point, which is great, as long as the point and click device is able to do the job. But, when it isn't, having the people with the actual skills is necessary, and they're in short supply, and so the reason this becomes the greatest threat is the attackers are able to operate without being detected". This only emphasizes the increasing importance of certification as demand for highly trained security professionals is on the rise, and today employers want to hire certified security professionals to get some sort of assurance that they are hiring the right candidate and have a validation for candidate's performance skill as well as knowledge in key areas.

With information security making the transition from computer room to boardroom, defining and focusing on employee performance and training programs is a major step toward improving awareness and accountability for information security and related processes. Employers seek to create a quality culture of new security professionals who thrive on continuous learning and are business drivers. This delivery is only possible if they are committed to the security practice and are ready to expand their knowledge base by taking classes and training to attain the right certifications. Considering this, we at wanted to provide value to the security practitioners and host a comprehensive certification guide which will give them detailed overview of the different certifications available and help them in their training and specialization needs. Our certification guide is structured as a one stop certification solution covering most security vendors and institutions offering certifications focused in information technology, information security, management, IT Audit, Forensics, Risk Management areas and more. Our current guide can be seen by clicking HERE

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