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Proactive Malware Hunting
Proactive Malware Hunting

It's all over the news - day after day, headline after headline - organizations are falling victim to malware. What can your organization do to stay out of the headlines?

It isn't enough to have a solid plan to address the infection after the impact is felt. Proactively identifying and neutralizing the threat is key to success.

Hear from industry experts about how other organizations have found success and what strategies you can employ in your organization.


It's easy to get caught up in the hype. But does that benefit your organization? This session takes a pulse on what's crippling businesses today. Learn how companies are addressing advanced cyber threats and the advantages of integrating malware remediation technologies into enterprise environments. Hear about the latest Malwarebytes threat telemetry data and why attackers have significantly shifted their attack vector towards exploiting delivered malware.

Key takeaways include:

  • Get actionable insights from telemetry data on over 250 million infected computers;
  • Learn about the proactive stance Fortune 500 companies are taking;
  • Hear strategies that you can put in place today to fight back.

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